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I like Journal Entries, they're a nice way to talk to myself. Plus it's very easy now that my typing is finally faster than my writing, and I almost don't have to look at the keys.

I've missed writing a lot. Too much to explain really. There isn't a day that goes past that I don't think of things that I find interesting and think that I ought to write them down. The number of ideas I've had over the last two years and not written down is scary. I don't actually know how I managed to let them all slide past. There must've been some diamonds in the rough there, things worth getting down. That I've let them all go to waste is a shame.

That said, I'm trying not to dwell on it. I have a journal now. A real one, with physical pages and marks scratched into it with a pen. It's pretty nice actually, it's from Muji, like all my notebooks these days. You can get these little ones for just 60p, they're actually perfect. They fit in my pocket, the paper looks and feels nice, a nice off-white that's alost yellow in some lights and a nice thickness. They feel nice to write in and they're cheap and small which means I don't feel any guilt at filling them up with whatever comes to mind. When I've got a Moleskine that cost me about £7-8 it's easy to think "No, I won't write that, I'll save the space for something better."

I felt like I had to start writing again when I got to uni. It's not the best situation. I'm not exactly living with the best people at the moment. That's harsh, but fair. Of the people I live with I get on with some and get by without bothering with the others. My lectures and classes break up a sort of easy monotony that comes from having too much free time and wanting to avoid the work that should fill it.

I'm doing a degree in Politics and History. At the moment it's a Politics Single Honours, but at the end of the year I'll hopefully carry on with the History. Plus I'll get to pick modules, which will avoid the way I have to study the Tudors for the rest of the year now.

It's hard to keep focused on one thing right now. I have too many things to say. Things that usually go round and round in my head without any form of expression start to come to the surface once my hands begin to flash across the keys or slide over the page.

As time goes on I'll fill more and more pages of my journal (the real-world one), and as I do so I'll get more used to writing again. I'll gradually stop repeating myself and splitting my infinitives, I'll work out what needs saying on a page and what doesn't. I'l even start to plan and write things that aren't about myself.

I don't really have anything else to say right now, I'll come back to this some time.

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